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─── MBC STUDIO ───

MBC is turning 10! 

Check back October 21st as we open up registration for our upcoming 10 year Boot Camps and more at MBC!  

MBC Birthday Boot Camp coming 10/28. 


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We have a variety of class passes available to suit your schedule this summer. 4, 6, 8, 12 and Unlimited options. 

Nutrition Challenges and Support 

This is the area where most of us struggle, and we are going to make eating healthier FUN this month while working on our goals! 

Team and Trainer Based Accountability 

We all need the extra little bit of accountability to keep us going! You will get it from your MBC Trainer Jennifer AND from your MBC Summer Boot Camp  Team! 

At home bonus challenges to keep you going! 

At home workouts to keep you going when you can't be with us at MBC! 


June 1st-June 30th

Rise and Shine with your early morning workout group from MBC!  Classes are held M, W, F indoors at MBC and Outdoors T, Th in downtown Marietta. Each class focuses on cardio and strength training to give you a full body workout! 

8,12 and Unlimited Passes 

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JUNE 6:45-7:45AM BOOT CAMP M&W  

June 6th-June 29th

New for Summer..this 60 minute 2 day a week Camp focuses on cardio and strength training with lots of bonus core work too! Class is held indoors at MBC on M, W.

4 and 8 class Passes  

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JUNE 11:30-12:15PM BOOT CAMP M&W

June 6th-June 29th

Don't like mornings BUT still want to get your workout in before the evening? Join us for this ?45 minute Boot Camp held on Monday and Wednesday's at the Studio that will focus on cardio and strength training. 

4 and 8 class Passes 

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MBC: Fitness Boot Camp for Women.

We have so many exciting things happening this year at MBC!

We can't wait for you to be a part of our upcoming new Year and Session.

MBC is different from other Studios and after your first session , you'll understand why.

We are a Boot Camp studio that is focused on empowering women through fitness. 

We understand the daily battles that women have to go through, from rearranging their schedules to accommodate their families or staying late at work to support themselves. The sacrifices women make often result in sacrificing their own health and wellness.

MBC is here to help change that. 

We are here to offer unique workouts that will build your self confidence and help you become the champion you need to be in every aspect of your life. 

Jennifer Deem-Bradford 

(Owner, Trainer)

Join our MBC Fit Family and take your health & wellness journey with like-minded women just like you! ​

We know how important it is to feel supported throughout your fitness journey.

Our MBC Group is the perfect place to connect with women who are focused on their health and fitness.

 It’s a place where you can share your experiences and aspirations, as well as encourage and motivate each other.

We’ve long understood how important it is to feel supported in your workout program. 

Through your connections with like-minded women , together you can build confidence, power, balance, performance and courage to reach your fitness goals.

To connect, motivate and share experiences with other women, join our community .

Questions email us at [email protected]